Vegas when you’re under 21 and it’s day time (things you can actually do)

When my friends and I said "let's go to Vegas for the day, even though all but one of us are under the legal drinking age of 21", I'll be honest I was a bit apprehensive and not sure how I was going to spend the day. Turns out, I didn't need to worry.



Oh God, it's happened. I've gone on my year abroad to Find Myself and decided I'm a travel blogger now. To be honest, my entire life right now is about travelling and it only makes sense to write about it. Not that travel blogs aren't great and a massively popular form of online content, I … Continue reading Changes

Why Doesn’t High Functioning Anxiety Look Like Anxiety?

When I tell you a Cosmo article presented via Snapchat explained my entire academic life, you best believe I didn't expect it either. "High Functioning Anxiety" isn't a specific medical diagnosis, but it describes a feeling I and many of my fellow students relate to. From the outside, high functioning anxiety isn't a problem - … Continue reading Why Doesn’t High Functioning Anxiety Look Like Anxiety?

My Top 5 Makeup Products Right Now!

Hey, it's me, famous beauty guru and MUA, your beautiful friend Katie. (Ok I'm not famous, a beauty guru or a MUA BUT I'm still cute so. Anyway -) I've been using makeup for nearly a decade, and yes, at least half of that time it's been a tragic mess. I've been through the orange concealer phase, the messy and uneven eyeliner, and the unblended contour. But finally, after all my struggles, I think I've come out of this a sort of normal looking girl who knows the good from the bad when it comes to makeup.